Professor James CarleyProfessor James Carley

Professor of the History of the Book, Univeristy of Kent

James is a specialist in Old and Middle English; the history of manuscripts; bibliography and the early Tudor period. He has written extensively on Glastonbury, John Leland, sixteenth-century book culture, the Arthurian legend, and Lawrence Durrell.

Dr Ryan PerryRPerry

Lecturer in Medieval Literature, University of Kent

Ryan’s research focuses on the situation of texts within their material contexts; that is, within the hand-made books produced, patronised and read by medieval consumers.

Dr Rachel Koopmansrachel-cropped-1

Associate Professor of History, York University Toronto

Rachel’s research interests centre on medieval hagiography, manuscript culture, stained glass, and saints’ cults. Her current project focuses on the cult of Thomas Becket in York and northern England from the late twelfth to the early sixteenth century.


Dr Leonie SeligerLeonie

Director of the Stained Glass Studio, Canterbury Cathedral

Leonie is head of the Stained Glass Conservation Department. She also advises the Dioceses of Canterbury and Rochester on faculty applications involving restoration/conservation as well as new designs for windows in the churches of the dioceses.


Dr Richard GuestRichard Guest

Senior Lecturer of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent

Richard has extensive research experience in the areas of image processing and pattern recognition specialising in hand-drawn data analysis for biometric, forensic and medical applications, biometric multimodality, system usability, standardisation issues, and sample quality and conformance. His current research work is exploring the data relationship between biometric and cyber-related data, including issues of sample quality and user interaction.


Dr Emily Guerryguerry2015

Lecturer in the School of History, University of Kent

Emily’s research examines the relationship between religious devotion and artistic representation in the Middle Ages. She is particularly interested in how the veneration of relics influenced Christian iconography.

Dr Fiona SavageFiona Savage

Research Fellow, Sainsbury Research Unit for the Arts of Africa, Oceania & the Americas

Fiona’s research interests include the early history of museums and the representation of Anglo-African encounters in pre-colonial and colonial travel literature.  She is also interested in inter-cultural appropriation practices and the changing politics and poetics of African ethnographic displays in public institutions.


Dr Catherine Richardsons200_catherine.richardson

Reader in Renaissance Studies, Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies University of Kent

Catherine is interested in the relationship between texts and the material circumstances of their production and consumption – for instance the way individuals described objects as they wrote them into probate inventories, or how theatre audiences ‘saw’ spaces in relation to the dialogue of a play, the physical nature of the theatre and their own memories and imaginations. Her research focuses on the movement between living and writing, between experience and narrative.


Professor Marialena Nikolopoulounikolopoulou_marialena

Director of CASE Research Centre, Architecture, Univeristy of Kent

Marialena’s research interests concentrate on outdoor thermal comfort, urban microclimate, occupant perception and use of space, sustainable design and rational use of energy in the built environment. She is currently involved in research projects focusing on environmental performance and occupant perception of the built environment, as well as human behaviour in urban space.

Dr Aki Pasoulaspasoulas

Director of MAAST, Lecturer in Music, Univeristy of Kent

Aki is an electroacoustic composer, particularly interested in acousmatic music, sonic art, sound perception and spatial sound, and field recording and soundscape ecology, especially in relation to listening psychology.

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